Low Self Esteem -Don't Believe It

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Do you have a low self esteem? It’s very disheartening when you don’t feel good about yourself, or don’t think you are as good as the people you know, isn't it?

Do you constantly tell yourself that you are no good, hopeless, ugly, useless, or however it is that you feel?

Have you now found that because you have told yourself this negative information for so long, you now believe it?

You may have believed what others have said to you in the past, or may have people in your life at the moment that say hurtful, untrue, things to you.

An awful truth is that someone may have said something to you knowing it wasn’t true, but just wanting to hurt you. They may never have dreamed you would take what they said to heart to let it fester and grow inside, until it affected your every waking moment.

In fact if you told them how their words affected you they may not even remember saying them.

A low self esteem, saps confidence, and limits you in many ways.

You may yearn to do something, but because of the way you feel, say that you’re not interested, or can’t be bothered, because you don’t think people will want you, or you lack the confidence to pluck up the courage to get involved.

You may think that no one likes you, which is not the case, but you believe it is.

It’s not easy to rid yourself of these thoughts when you have believed them for years, but it is possible. The way you talk to yourself is a big part of solving your problem.

blue sky Your sub-conscious is amazing, it believes whatever it is told, when it is told often enough.

The way to help yourself get rid of your low self esteem is to start telling yourself that you are the way you want to be.

Affirmations said often throughout the day can help you. Choose the ones that will make you the way you want to be.

For instance if you feel no one likes you try saying "everyone likes me" or "I am very popular" which will help you to feel better about yourself. If you feel you lack confidence, try "I am a very confident person" or "I have faith in my ability."

Make sure your affirmation is about the way you already are, so not, "I am going to be a confident person" but "I am a confident person."

Change your thought pattern from negative to positive. Every time you have a negative thought replace it with a positive one.

Feed your sub-conscious all this wonderful positive information about yourself. First thing in the morning, all times during the day, and last thing at night, tell yourself what a wonderful worthwhile person you are.

In time, you will start to feel stronger within yourself. This is a sign that your sub-conscious is starting to accept the information it is being fed.

This will not be an overnight fix, but if you can keep on with your positive self-talk, and not give up after a month because you feel you are getting nowhere, you will start to notice a change in yourself.

Eventually you will be happy with the person you have become, because you have talked yourself in to being exactly the way you want to be.

Won't that be great!

Building Self Esteem
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