Affirmations For Positive Personal Growth


Affirmations are amazing! They can improve any area of your life.

They can make you feel fantastic!

You will achieve so much by saying an affirmation that will benefit your personal growth. It needs to be repeated over and over again in your mind whenever you think of it.

Do you know what is really interesting? The fact that the subconscious mind cannot tell a lie from the truth. Imagine that! So whatever you tell yourself, whether it's positive or negative your subconscious believes you!

You know what this means don't you?

When you say to yourself "I can't do this, I am useless at it" - guess what? You will be! Your self-talk is negative and your subconscious believes it.

So what can you do?

success,affirmations Try telling yourself how brilliant, how amazing, how fantastic, how positive, how wonderful you are - words like that! It will believe you. It really will.

How can you help your personal growth to blossom?

Make sure your affirmations are positive! It's also important to say them as though you are already the way you would like to be.

Take time to think about the area in your life you want to improve on. Decide in what way you want to change and think of affirmations that feel good to you. Say them as often as you can.

Don't say "I am becoming a confident person" say, "I am a confident person". Can you see the difference? Say it out loud when you are alone. If there are other people around say it in your mind.

Your subconscious will re-program itself and before you know it you will start to feel more confident!

Do you doubt your ability in some areas of your life? If so the statement 'I am a very capable person' could be ideal for you to repeat.

Are there times you feel scared? Maybe your commonsense tells you that there is no need to feel this way and yet you do? "I have no fear" is very positive and easy to remember.

You might find that you begin your affirmation with good intentions, only to realize that your thoughts have drifted and you are thinking about something totally different.

winner,runners If that happens just start saying them again. Don't give up, keep on. They do work!

Hey nobody said it's going to be easy! Real life tends to crop up every day and push our minds into areas we did not intend to go.

Repeat them enough times and your subconscious will get the message.

Just think of anything that you wish to be and make it you!

Why not try:

"There is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it".

Positive affirmations will definitely help your
personal growth!

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