Success - What Does It Mean To You?

Do you think success is having lots of money and being able to live in a huge house with a landscaped garden, or owning the latest model car? Or maybe it's being able to go on vacation whenever you want to. How about having a top management job that brings in lots of money?

Achievement means many things to different people.

I think there are many people who are successful, but because this has nothing to do with money, they are not even aware of it.

What do I mean?

Well how about not having much money, but having a loving family environment?

A partner who gives you a hug and a kiss when he/she leaves for work. What about the kids who run to greet you when you come home? Isn't that a wonderful feeling no matter how many times it happens?

How about the dog, who jumps up to greet you, gets hairs and mud all over your clothes, then insists on licking your face in sheer happiness when he's been sniffing and licking round heaven only knows where! Or, as big as he is, decides to sit on your lap!

Or the cat who jumps up to sit and purr contentedly on your knee, just as you think you might read the newspaper.

Isn't it great to be left to lie in bed and be brought a warm cup of tea, and over-done toast on a special day!

Isn't it fantastic to know that you are loved. That the people in your life, have decided to treat you to breakfast in bed.

Do you lie there and listen to the excited chatter, crockery being banged about, the toaster popping and the arguments as to who's going to carry the tray?

Do you silently pray "Please don't let them drop everything" and then duck under the covers and pretend to be asleep as they creep in, that cup rattling badly, as the tray makes it closer to the bed.

Do you then sit up, look with amazed happiness at the burnt offering, which initially started off as a lovely white piece of bread, and at the tea sloshing about in the saucer? Don't you just love the little faces turned up expectantly, watching in anticipation, waiting for you to bite into the toast and taste the tea.

Waiting eagerly for the praise that you are about to give them for the wonderful surprise breakfast.

Don't you just love the smile and look you share with your partner, which is really a plea for "Please don't make me eat this" as he stands there sharing your secret and knowing your thoughts!

Isn't this success of the best kind? I believe it is. It costs nothing yet means so much.

dog It's having friends and family who care about you. Who know when you are not well and offer to help you.

Having people in your life you know you can depend on. It's about you being there for them, giving them your time, listening to their problems and sharing the good and bad times.

Next time you wish you had more money, and wonder how Mr Jones owns that great big house and drives that brand new car, stop and think about everything you have in your life.

Perhaps Mr Jones works so many hours he doesn't have much time for family relationships.

If you got to know Mrs Jones, she may even envy you your lifestyle - now there's a thought! Mrs Jones might willingly give up her lifestyle to gain the happiness you have. Success should not be measured in terms of dollars.

Success is all about feelings.

I think so anyway. Do you?


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