Try Positive Self Talk To Help You Feel Younger

Now I am aging beautifully - sounds much better than aging rapidly, don't you agree? - positive self talk will help me to feel more secure in myself.

Positive words are uplifting and can raise your spirits when you are feeling low.

How about you? Are you coping, as you feel the years slowly creep up, or do you find, as I do, that they appear to be going faster and faster the older you get?

When I was much younger I purchased what to me, at that time, was an amusing fridge magnet. It read "Of all the things i've lost, I miss my mind the most." I felt I could relate to those words, having a husband, two children, a dog, cat, canaries, and what seemed to me, no time for myself.

I have to confess though, the older I get, the more I can relate to the words on that magnet, which is still on the fridge door.

Have you become forgetful? Do you find you do the silliest thing without even being aware. Do you go to do something, and instantly forget what it was you were going to do?

Are you unable to remember names of people? Don't you hate it when that happens! It's so embarrassing, particularly when you have known the person for years.

I call my forgetfulness 'an over fifty thing,' and I am not particularly worried, because as I speak with friends, I know they are having the same problems. My husband is too. We have some frustrating conversations, trying to remember the name of the person we are speaking of. Sometimes it takes us ages to remember, and other times we give up.

Your personal growth development doesn't have to stop because of aging. With positive self talk you can help yourself remain confident and in control.

It is important to try and keep the mind active as you get older. Doing crosswords, reading books, or magazines will help. Whatever you enjoy doing to keep you active, will benefit you.

When you try positive self talk, make your words as though you are the way you want to be. No more "I forget everything just lately." Try "I remember things I have been told."

Positive self talk will help. The more you repeat positive words to yourself, the quicker your subconscious will accept them as true.

Eat healthy food, go for walks everyday. Talk with your friends, they will understand how you feel. My friend and I are on the same level of forgetfulness, if there is such a thing. Talking with her each day makes me realize that I am OK.

If you can, talk to friends about how you feel, and any concerns you have. You will probably see that your worries are the same as your friends. What is happening is just normal gradual decline of your memory, due to maturity.

If, however, speaking with others doesn't help put your mind at ease, have a chat with your doctor.

Positive growth development doesn't have to grind to a halt because you are getting older. Keep as active in your body and mind as you can.

Keep up the positive self talk, it will help you feel more able to cope.

I think you, like me, have earned the time to relax, be yourself, have fun with friends, and be happy, don't you?

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