Lack Confidence? Change your thoughts

When you lack confidence you have to look within, and find out what you believe about yourself. Do you feel you aren't worthwhile, or do you feel nobody likes or wants to be with you, or in your company?

Often these feelings are caused by your own negative self talk. When you tell yourself someone is better than you are, you believe this as true. Therefore, why can't you tell yourself you are as good as this person, and make this your truth?

The way you speak about yourself, or the thoughts you put into your mind make you the way you are. Can you see, then, that what you have to do is re-program your mind by what you say to yourself. When you do this everyday you will begin to change yourself in the way you want.

Decide today to become your own best friend. No doubt you tell your friends positive information about themselves, why not start telling yourself how worthwhile you are.

Start letting yourself know that you think you are confident, strong, friendly, fearless, gorgeous. Get the message? In fact you can tell yourself anything you want to hear! Just say it often enough to imprint it into your subconscious, and you can become however you want.

Your subconscious has believed what it has been fed by you, and now believes that you lack confidence because of what you have told it.

The wonderful thing is that it will also believe you when you start feeding all the positive stuff you are about to tell it! The subconscious cannot tell a lie from the truth, and so whatever you tell it is accepted and believed.

(c) It's also necessary that you like yourself. You can begin by telling yourself that you do! When you like yourself you will feel good inside,this in turn will make you feel confident.

Tell yourself what a kind thoughtful person you are, and how much people enjoy your company. This positive information needs to be spoken on a daily basis, as often as you think of it.

When you hear yourself bringing up those negative outdated things you used to believe, instantly replace them with all the good positive words you have decided is now the new you.

When you genuinely like yourself, you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish and how confident you have become.

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