A Story Of Inspiration To Motivate Your Personal Development

Paul is a Down Syndrome boy who is an inspiration to those who know him.

Paul (this is not his real name) loves swimming. He has been swimming since he was a small child. He enjoys entering competitions and has won medals. His mother, quite rightly, is very proud of her son's achievement.

I have seen photos of him after some of the races he has won. He stands proudly in front of the photographer with a wonderful happy smile on his face, looking so pleased and excited.

I believe his greatest achievement, however, is one that he is possibly not even aware of.

His mother told me that Paul was in a swimming race, and she was going along the edge of the pool cheering him on.

Paul was winning the race, his mum, as you can imagine, was very excited urging him on. He suddenly stopped swimming and stood up. She called to him "Go on Paul, keep going, you're winning."

He just looked back at her, so she said again "Paul keep swimming, you're winning the race." He then called out to her "No, i'm waiting for my friends to catch up."

Wow! What an amazing lesson from this wonderful Down Syndrome boy.

His mother was laughing as she finished her story. She wasn't in the least upset that her son, who cared enough about his friends to wait for them, lost the race.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could put others first. Can you imagine knowing with absolute certainty that there was someone you could depend on. Someone always prepared to put you first to 'wait until you caught up.'

Can you be like Paul and always be there for friends and family? Imagine the amazing way your personal development would grow, if they needed help and you were there for them. The smiles and thanks you got would certainly make you feel worthwhile, don't you think?

You could be their inspiration!

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