The following are unsolicited testimonials from people who have visited Positive Personal Growth. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking time to make them.

Love your site. Well done you. I am proud of you and all your hard work putting this site together. Very valuable information and I like your words you use. I think it is wonderful you have shared in this way.
Helen - New Zealand

Kay your web site really is amazing I can't stop reading it and always find something different each time I look into it. We have the answers to all of our questions all in one place. Just have to believe in ourselves. It's that easy!
Irene - United Kingdom

Kay well done. Great achievement for you, everything is perfect. Keep up the good work in your goals and personal growth. Passing your experiences onto others will bring clarity into their lives giving good positive motivation. Love & Light
Anne and Mike - New Zealand

Love your self talk page. I have also found lots of other interesting things to read. Its brilliant. It seems whatever your problem, the answer is right in front of you. Well done.
I Phillips - England

Dear Kay, I was reading on your website its fantastic!.. I did really love reading about staying positive all the time. Thanks & Regards
Yogi - Singapore

Dear Kay, I wanted to tell you how great I have found your web site. It has helped me to change the way I think of myself and I look for the positives a lot more than I used to. I have told many of my friends to also take a look. Thank you.
Stacey - England

Hi Kay, just a quick note to say I have dipped into your website a couple of times, I will read it all in time. I found it inspiring and brilliant (you may quote me if you wish.) It's certainly helping me at the moment, trying very hard to keep positive.
Tricia - England

Dear Kay, thank you for creating a site on personal development written with the heart and not just with the brain! I crawled the net in search of such a site for my English speaking visitors (my site is in Italian) and now I have found it.
David - Italy

Hey Kay you are a true angel with true words of wisdom and i'm so grateful i've had this chance to meet such a fantastic women whom always knows what to say at the right time, you're truly gifted and all this wonderful work you do is brilliant you help so many people :) take care n love n light xxxx
Yvonne - Dundee

Kay, I just found your Personal Growth website, and a lot of those points are true for me so I found the site very informative. I even joined the newsletter as well cause its such a wonderful website.
Love and Hugs, Cathy Australia

Hi Kay,
This is a great site and it has helped me a lot.
Max - Australia


I just wanted to say thank you, so much, for your site. Your section "Get Rid of Fear by Changing Your Thoughts" has helped me go around my fear of not only flying, but of an allergic reaction to shrimp - which, of course, I am allergic to. This site has helped me, just now, to calm down. Thank you so much! I will recommend this site to my family and co-workers.
Thank you,
Olivia - United States


I want to say thank you for building a helpful website. You're a great person for developing a website that can help many folks.

I was feeling a bit down on myself and I read your thoughts here, and I felt better in few moments. I will bookmark this page so whenever I start having negative thoughts I can read them again.
love Eddie United States


Hey Grandma I love what you have done with the site. I love how you help so many people with just one simple act and look at what you have done just by building one website. Good for you. Keep up the good work.

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