Affirmations For A Positive Life

Do you know the area of your life you would like help with? Choose one or two affirmations from the list below that you feel will help you most. Say them as often as you can.

The secret to affirmations is your self talk

which has to convince your subconscious that you are telling the truth. It will believe you if it is told often enough. Why? Because the subconscious cannot tell the truth from a lie!

Are you scared of things when you know there is no need to be? How does "I have no fear" sound to you? Saying it often enough will get rid of the fear.

Are you fed up at work? Are co-workers getting on your nerves? Try "I love my work" and "I get on really well with the people at work".

If there is nothing listed below that suits your situation, make up your own! Just remember to make your affirmation positive.

Say it with strength and confidence as though it has already happened.

Positive Affirmations To Benefit You

  • I am a very happy person

  • I love myself

  • There is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it (I like this one!)

  • I do not smoke

  • I am a very happy confident person

  • I am very energetic

  • I have an inner sense of who I am

  • I speak my truth and walk my talk

  • I stay calm at all times

  • I have a wonderful family

  • I trust myself completely

  • I have no fear

  • I am an amazing person

  • I really enjoy my work

  • I get on well with my co-workers

  • I am a success

  • I am at my perfect weight and am healthy in every way

  • I am gifted and use these wonderful gifts daily

  • I can be, do and have everything I want

  • I am confident with my chosen career path

  • Money comes to me abundantly through perfect channels

  • I know that old negative patterns no longer limit me I let them go with ease

  • I willingly jump at the opportunity to help others

  • My mind is perfect, my body is perfect, my feelings are perfect, I am perfect

  • I am intelligent

  • I release my past and welcome the present

  • I create my own happiness

  • I make decisions with confidence

  • I see each day as a new and positive adventure

  • I am unique and valuable

  • I am financially successful

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