Put Your Subconscious Mind to Good Use

Did you know that your subconscious mind has stored away every single event, emotion, and thought that has ever happened to you?

That is mind blowing information isn't it?

Your sub conscious controls bodily functions, from making sure your blood is pumped round your body, to helping your digestion, and taking care of your breathing.

Many people are unaware of its power. It guides you in whatever way is right for you, although sometimes your conscious mind may not agree, and will do something totally different.

How often have you disregarded that 'little voice' inside, when you know perhaps you should listen to it!

Your subconscious is a best friend who gives you ideas, and answers to questions that you may need. You may receive this answer in a dream, in a feeling, or hunch.

When you learn to listen to this mind you will be able to improve your life in the way you want.

However, remember, your subconscious mind is the result of information you have fed into it throughout your life. If you have given negative information, this is what it has stored. It hasn't disagreed with you, but has filed this information away as being true.

Your conscious mind has told your sub conscious everything, be it good or bad, and this information is now programmed and believed.

If your programming has been negative, all is not lost.

success You can make amends by telling your sub conscious mind anything you want about yourself.

Words about how clever you are, or how sensible, in fact you can be any way you choose.

If you can, make the effort to train your subconscious mind to think strong, positive information about yourself. It will retrain and will become the way you want.

You can create a 'whole new you' simply by changing your thought pattern. It's entirely up to you.

Why not decide to start today to become the person you hope to be?

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