High Self Esteem For Strong Personal Growth

Did you know that if your self esteem is low, the cause could be deep rooted in your childhood?

If your self esteem is low I recommend that you make time to sit quietly each day. Find a time when you will not be disturbed. Mentally say what your problem is and ask for the reason you feel the way you do.

The answer is buried somewhere deep inside your subconscious. If you sit quietly you give your subconscious time to sort through everything that has happened in your past.

Sit for a few minutes daily and let your thoughts flow wherever they want to go. Don't try to think about anything in particular. At this point you are trying to to uproot the cause of your low self esteem and bring it to the surface.

When you have finished sitting quietly still make no effort to work things out.

One day it will just pop up unexpectedly from out of that store of knowledge tucked away in your subconscious mind. You may not even be thinking about your problem and up will come the answer.

I am not saying it will happen instantly, you may have to sit quietly for days, weeks or even months, but once you get the answer I bet like me you will be amazed at how simple it is!

It is much easier to work to improve yourself when you know the reasons for the way you feel.

Of course now comes the hard part - you know that don't you!

You have to work on overcoming the feelings that hold you back. You must start to believe in yourself. When people tell you negative things don't take them to heart. Try to surround yourself with people who are happy and positive.

Start to feel good about yourself. Think about the good things in your life, what you have achieved.

Take a good look at how you see yourself. Do you have negative self-talk? Are you always telling yourself you are hopeless? Do you simply re-enforce all the negative things you are told about yourself?

Try to alter your thought pattern. Tell yourself everyday what a confident wonderful person you are. Say it often and believe it. Know it. Live it.

Whenever you can, imagine that as you breathe in you are breathing in positive energy and as you breathe out you are breathing out all the negative energy that holds you back. You can do this any time of the day and anywhere you are. No one will know except you.

Each time you breathe in say in your mind "I breathe in positive energy to help me to cope" and as you breathe out say "I release all negative energy." Soak up the good feeling you get each time you breathe in that wonderful positive energy that surrounds you.

Become aware of the wonderful person that is you. Get rid of doubts. Don't listen to negative talk. If someone says something you aren't happy with, say in your mind "I refuse to accept that" and don't accept it.

Be strong. Be determined to reverse that low self esteem to a very high self esteem and release the amazing person that waits within.

I suffered from low self esteem. I used to feel uncomfortable joining a group of people. I thought they didn't want me with them. I never felt good enough to be speaking to them.

When I made the effort to join them I didn't speak much because I thought I wasn't welcome. Not that they showed me that they didn't want me there, I just thought they didn't!

This was because of low self esteem.

By telling this I am hoping it may start you thinking back to a comment that has somehow sunk into your subconscious mind and taken root, affecting your every day life in a negative way.

These feelings aren't nice are they? Have they become a big part of your life and now stop you being the way you want to be?

A few years ago in my effort to improve my personal growth, I started meditating. Once, before I began meditation I asked why my self esteem was low when I was with other people.

A short while after the meditation the answer just popped into my mind.

This was what I suddenly remembered.

When I was a child I would go to play with my sisters and they would say "Go away. We don't want you to play with us". It was as simple as that!

I phoned one of my sisters and jokingly asked her did she realize she had ruined my life! She can't remember ever having said that to me! She is amazed that words spoken by one child to another can have such a lasting effect.

How simple the cause and how incredible that it took me so long to work it out - years in fact. I am now the Grandmother to five of the most gorgeous children in the world! - aren't all Grandmothers!

Since I discovered the reason for my low self esteem I can work to change the way I am. Positive Personal Growth has been built to help you to become the way you want to be.

Why not start to improve yourself today. You don't have wait until you have found the reason for the way you feel.

A high self esteem is an important part of realizing your personal growth potential and your potential is great!

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