Motivation For Personal Growth

Is your motivation sadly lacking? Are you stuck in a rut?

Is your comfort zone so snug and secure that making the effort to get out of it seems just about impossible?

Unless you change things you aren't going anywhere! Where you are is where you stay!

When you have a determined attitude things will get done.

Desire and ambition will fire up your inner drive!

If you do something without this drive you probably won't be interested enough to complete the job.

motivation, You need enthusiasm to get things done! Not only this. The job is enjoyable and you will feel great once it's completed!

Motivation is the key to success.

Is yours lacking? There are ways to strengthen it.

Decide what you want to do and set yourself a goal. To have a goal to work towards will definitely help you.

Is your goal a big one? If it is split it into smaller attainable goals. Work steadily and finish each one before you move on to the next.

Are you indecisive? Don't be!

This will lessen your chance of being successful. Be determined.

Read about your interest. This will help you to stay focused and help your development.

Why not get together with like minded people? You will be amazed at how much your drive and ambition will be energized when you speak to others with the same interests.

Vizualize yourself as successful. Keep that vision in your mind as you work towards finalizing your goal.

You need to do this by staying motivated. Find a driving force. Have a strong intention to achieve.

Make the effort to do things. Walk the dog, visit friends, anything that motivates you. This will help you feel good about yourself.

swimmer,winner,success,motivation Remember how good it felt to do something that you love? When you can't be bothered, think back to that good feeling and apply it to yourself to help get started.

When you get excited about what you are doing you will want to take action and this will help your personal growth development and enable you to move forward with confidence.

If you lack this inner drive nothing will get done.

Stay in a positive frame of mind - know you can do it. Make every effort to finish what you start.

When you do this you will feel a great satisfaction in your achievement and be ready to move forward to meet your next challenge.

Hold onto the thought of a successful outcome
and be a success!


I have paid attention! I have listened and acted upon what you, my visitor, has asked for!
I have spent the last few months working on a Personal Growth CD. It will help you take that giant leap of faith to enable you to release the strong confident person you have within.
You are beautiful, worthwhile and amazing. I believe this. My wish is for you to reach within and release the power you have locked away inside you.

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Kay Drummond: The Magic of Self Belief

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