When I'm Motivated I Will Be Unstoppable!


"I want to get motivated, but can’t be bothered". Are those words familiar to you?

Motivation plays a huge part in all areas of your life. When you lack drive there will be many things you won't get done.

When you don't have the desire, nothing gets done, is this the way you are?

Have you started things with great enthusiasm only to find that you can’t be bothered to make the effort?

Why do you think this happens? It may be because you haven't disciplined yourself to see your goal through to its finish.

So what can you do?

Be definite about what it is that you want. If necessary set yourself a goal, and write it down. This will reinforce your desire to achieve, and can play a major part in your success. The effort is always worth it.

Unless you motivate yourself you are not going anywhere! Where you are is where you stay! Don't wish and wait for something to happen.

Make the effort to do things. Walk the dog, visit a friend, anything that activates you will help you feel good about yourself.

When you are in that "I can’t be bothered" mood, try your best to get activated. You know how exciting and enjoyable it is to do something that you love? Try to apply apply this feeling and energy to lift yourself and help to motivate you.

It's all too easy to tell yourself you can't be bothered. You miss out on much in your life when you feel this way. Decide today that you are going to change the way you are.

It might be difficult at first. Change your thoughts to "I am going to do this, because I know I can". Keep on believing in yourself and strive ahead. Never accept "I can’t be bothered".

Become a stronger person by positive thinking. When you think positive thoughts about yourself, and about a successful outcome, you will succeed.

You will be amazed at how different you feel within yourself when you have stuck at something and completed it to your satisfaction.

Don't look back with regret in a few years time at things you could have done, and should have done. Stop hesitating - give it your best shot and have fun!

When there's something you want to do, make the effort and do it! The rewards will be great when you do.

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