Personal Growth Development Starts With Positive Self Talk

One of the biggest obstacles to your personal growth development is you! Yes it's true.

You have the ability to be the way you want to be. You have to believe this. The fact that you do not believe you are capable stops you from being the best you can.

A barrier to your personal growth is that you don't believe in yourself. You may have negative self talk. The way to change yourself is with positive self-talk.

man You need to realize how unique you are.

Each one of you is special and yet you go through life unaware of this fact. Unaware of the talents that are yours. Are you afraid to be true to you?

Why is this?

Are you uncertain as to how you can begin to become the unique and special you?

There are many different ways available to you. Develop your personal growth in the way that suits you. Nothing will alter until you decide to try. You first have to change the way you feel about yourself.

You need to work on the inner self. The inner you who tells you that you are useless, unimportant, not capable, ugly, unlovable. The inner you doesn't know any better because this is what it has been told.

Have you have heard negative uncaring words spoken to you time and time again by others that you now believe them? Have the words become ingrained into your subconscious so much, you now tell yourself that you are all the negative things you have been told.

The way you believe you are is how you will be. If you are not the way you want to be you have the power and the ability to change.

Your self talk is a vital ingredient in becoming the 'real you'. Make your self talk positive. Every time you think you are not capable, turn that thought round. Tell yourself "I am capable."

It is important that you love yourself. Do you go through life not liking how you are? You will be able to change your life when you change the way you see yourself.

man on rock Every time you look in a mirror say out loud "I love you." I know you may feel a little foolish at first but why not give it a try? Look at yourself and say "Wow, I look great today" or smile at yourself and say "What a gorgeous creature I am" to your reflection.

Speak positive self talk whenever you get the chance.

No more, "Yuk, I look horrible" or "God, I look old" as you look in the mirror. Not good self talk! Negative self talk wont help you at all. Keep all self talk positive from now on!

Try repeating positive affirmations for personal growth. Pick one or two that really appeal to you. Ones that you know will help you to feel good about yourself.

These should be repeated throughout the day as often as you think of them. Affirmations such as "I am a very capable person" or "Every day in every way I am getting better and better". Make the affirmation work for you.

Repeat positive thoughts about yourself until your subconscios mind gets the message and believes it. The subconscious will believe anything if it is told often enough.

Decide today - I no longer accept the lies I have heard.

Decide today - I am going to change.

Decide today - My self-talk is positive.

Decide today - I will start today.

Decide today - My life will change.

Decide today - I can do it.

Your subconscious will believe anything it is told!

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