The Positive Power of Negative Thinking - Does This Make Sense?

The first time someone said to me "The positive power of negative thinking," my immediate thought was "That doesn't make sense?" What were your first thoughts?

Then I got to thinking about them and I realized that not only did they make total sense, but horror of horrors, most of us actually live by them day to day.

Your first reaction might be "I don't think so," but hold on a minute, do you think to yourself "I'll never do that" or "I always get things wrong" - you do? so do I, sometimes, but when we do we are stating quite positively in a negative way how useless we are!

Can you see how you reinforce negative thoughts in a positive way into your subconscious mind every day without giving it a second thought!

No wonder you can't do those things, or you feel the way you do about yourself. The positive power of negative thinking rules!!

Even worse, each day the fuel is added to keep all those negative thoughts buzzing about inside, until you totally believe. Why wouldn't you? You may have been affirming positively in a negative way for just about ever!

Sounds crazy, I know, the positive power of negative thinking, doesn't it. The words contradict each other.

How to change the way you are? Now that's the $64000 question isn't it! If you can feed untrue information into your mind, and believe it, then it makes sense that you can start feeding yourself positive information, which must in time change the way you see yourself.

So, how can you do this, will it be easy? The big problem is the length of time you have fed yourself these negative thoughts.

Breaking the habit will be the difficult thing. The way to do this is to pay attention to your self talk.

When that negative thought slips into your mind, instantly replace it with a positive one. Your self talk is vital, and you are the result of what you tell yourself.

When you stop to think about it, it's quite simple really isn't it? If you are not happy with the way you are, you can change yourself by changing your self talk. Why not try? It's something you can start right now this minute isn't it?

The more often you state positive things about yourself the quicker you will grow to be the person you want.

Tell yourself time and time again "I am a wonderful human being," I am a very confident person," or "There is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it,"

It's very important that you like yourself. When you do you will feel open to accepting challenges that you come across daily.

In the past a challenge may have been a problem, but once you realize your greatness, these problems become challenges, and each time you solve one you will grow that much bigger (on the inside not outside!) You really will!

No more the positive power of negative thinking, from today on it's, the positive power of positive thinking!

Positive self-talk rules from today!

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