Your Inner Self - Be True To Yourself

Your inner self is the way you are because this is how you have chosen to be. Now there's a thought!

sunrise Did I hear you say "But I'm not happy with the way I am."

Sometimes when we aren't very confident within ourselves, we ask people for advice, and then do as they suggest even though we don't feel that this is right for us.

When you do this you give away your power and develop in a way that is not how you want to be.

When you do as others say, you are not being true to yourself.

Of course it's OK to ask advice, but try to accept only what sits right with you. When you are told something that you know is not what you want, discard it, forget about it.

You can be however you want. Learn to like yourself. The important thing to remember, is, be the way you want, not the way other people in your life expect you to behave, or want you to be.

You are the result of everything you have accepted about yourself. Once you realize you have free will, and freedom of choice you will see that you can in fact alter the way you are simply by feeding your mind different information about yourself. You will discover that you can be a success.

No one can form your thoughts but you, by choosing what it is that you want to believe, you can change.

If you can surround yourself with successful people you can empower yourself to be successful also, as their confidence and abilities inspire you to better yourself.

Your thoughts are very powerful and they form your reality. What you think about yourself is how you are. Don't give away your power to someone else.

pinksunrise No one knows what's going on inside your mind, and so you can start today, right now this minute, if you want, to change your thought pattern and become the way you dream.

Get rid of fear, this only holds you back and serves no purpose.

Be true to yourself, take back your power, and become the way that makes you happy.

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