With Perseverance You Can Become A New Confident You

Are you happy with the way you are? If not, with perseverance you can change in whatever way you want. Doesn't that sound amazing!

Do you dislike trying new things, or do you tell yourself you are useless at just about everything?

Do you hate talking in front of people, or don't ask questions because people will think you are stupid?

If the answer is yes, then your self confidence is probably lacking and you may have low self esteem. You have work to do on yourself!

Don't go into panic mode however, because you can help yourself. The main thing you must do is change the way you think of yourself. Where do you start? With your self talk! Make it positive, start to tell yourself what an amazing person you are!


Become determined to help yourself and you will.

Stop what you are doing now and say "I am a very confident person". How did that feel?

You probably didn't believe it! If you did, I hope it made you feel stronger.

When you say it often enough you will become confident. Positive self talk can solve your problems.

Don't forget to tell yourself each day that you are a confident, capable person. Say to yourself often "I like myself". You have to believe in yourself.

Positive affirmations will help to build your self growth and self esteem.

perseverance,jumping, Choose positive affirmations that will make you believe in yourself and enable your self confidence to grow in leaps and bounds.

Are you a shy person? Say "I am very outgoing and enjoy meeting people." Are you nervous about how others see you? Try, "I am very nice to know, everybody likes me."

With perseverance, you will be able to change how you see yourself. Positive affirmations if repeated often enough will definitely help you to become the way you want to be.

When you say them, you are actually re-programming that annoying little voice that keeps letting you know how useless you are. The secret is to reprogram your subconscious to believe what you are telling it, and it will, providing you tell it often enough.

When you can relate to, I am eager to learn new things, I take pride in doing a job really well. I really like being a nice person, all sorts of amazing stuff like that, you will know you are well on the way to becoming the fantastic you!

You can do it!

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