Like Yourself - You're Special!

When you want to learn to like yourself, positive self-talk is the way to go.

If your self-talk is negative, you might end up wondering why you never appear to be happy, or you may feel that no one likes you, or that nothing seems to go right for you.

When you spend your day telling yourself "I can’t do that, I wish I was clever" or "Why do my friends always seem to be happy, why can’t I be the way they are", you are feeding yourself negative thoughts that are forming the way you are.

Do you dislike yourself because of what others have said to you in the past? When you take comments to heart, they can remain with you for years to come, and lower your self esteem. Try not to listen to people who put you down, decide today that you aren't going to let their words affect you.

Only you can do this. Although it may take time, once you decide to change how you feel, and start working on your positive self-talk, you will see an improvement in yourself. Let go of the negative words that people say to you, and keep going with your positive self-talk. Have confidence in yourself

When you want to like yourself you have to change the thoughts you have about yourself.

Make sure that your self talk is all about what a wonderful person you are. Say to yourself "I like myself", "I am worthwhile", or "I am a person of value", "Everyone likes me" or "I am very confident". I am sure you understand what I mean. Whatever way you want to improve yourself, tell yourself you are that way!

As you continue to do this daily, you will begin to feel much better about yourself, because you have the right train of thought. Tell yourself often that you can succeed at whatever you decide to do. In time you will realize that you do have worth, and will like the way you are.

When you like yourself you will see that people will react to you in a different way. They will want to be around the new you – why? Because they like you of course!

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