Visualize Your Way to Success

It's true, you can visualize yourself to be however you want. You just need the desire to change. Your thoughts are very powerful, and guess what? Your thoughts make your reality.

Think about that for a moment. That's really powerful isn't it? However you think you are, you will be.

Are you happy with the way you are? If not visualizing can help you change.

The way to do this is to see yourself as already having succeeded.

What do you desire? A new house? a new car? an overseas trip? Close your eyes and see what it is you want. Look closely at it, see it in vivid color, as though you already own it. Picture it in your mind it as often as you can, your thoughts are very powerful.

A great idea is to cut a picture out of a magazine of what you want, and pin it up where you can see it. Put it on the refrigerator door, this will increase your effort. Every time you go to the fridge look at your dream, and tell yourself, "That's my car," or "That's my home", and really imagine what it will be like when you own it. Make it come true!

Do you want to be more confident? Imagine yourself standing in front of an audience talking to them. See them clapping when you finish speaking, Wow, a standing ovation! Look at them standing and cheering you.

How fantastic did that feel, everyone telling you how great you are?

You can imagine any situation, and providing you re-create it often enough in your mind, it will become a reality.

Your subconscious will accept what it is seeing if it sees it often enough.

Stay determined and visualize as often as you can and make the life you want.

Visualizing does work - give it a go!

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