Goal Setting Will Enable You To Achieve What's Important to You

An interesting way of goal setting is to first start by writing down the story of your life to date. Well, perhaps not everything!

Write down the important experiences. Try to remember the turning points in your life, what successes you have had, what dreams. In fact write down what means the most to you.

If you can, try to narrow down your list to your greatest achievements, what disappointed you most, and what you feel were important lessons to you.

This is a way to work out what is really important to you, your core values.

When you have completed this list, the next thing to do is to write down what it is that you hope to achieve in the next five years.

success,goal setting, This list is your road map, read it as often as you can. Particularly every morning and night.

Do you dream of an overseas holiday? Do you want to take up studies to improve yourself, to change your job? What is it that you dream about?

You have to stay determined and focus on what you have to do to feed this vision. Keep the vision in your mind, hold it and work slowly and steadily towards it.

Visualizing a successful outcome plays a major part in this goal setting strategy.

With a positive attitude and the right frame of mind there is no reason why you cannot achieve your dream.

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