Visualizing Your Affirmations To Realize Your Dream

Visualizing your affirmations can help to make them a reality. Imagine what it is that you want to create in your life, then see yourself stepping into the picture in your mind.

See things vividly. What is it you want? If you long for a new car see yourself walking round it, look at the color, imagine how it will feel owning it. See yourself opening the door and getting inside.

This car is something you really want, so imagine how you feel as you sit in it. Take a look around it, what can you see? What color seats have you chosen? What's on the dashboard?

See yourself turn the key, hear that motor start. Sounds good? Feels good? Watch the road as you drive away. Imagine how you are feeling as the car joins the traffic, or are you on a deserted road that leads to a place only you know of?

Describe to yourself what you are experiencing and how you feel. Don't watch the car drive away from you, make sure you are in it!

What do you see as you drive along? What sounds can you hear? Make the experience as real as you can.

Write down your thoughts and the way you feel. Read these thoughts as often as you can and bring back the way you were feeling. Concentrate on these feelings, they are powerful, and will help you achieve your dream.

Cut out a picture of your dream car and pin it where you can see it. Recall how determined you are to own this car when you look at the picture.

Whatever it is that you want, step into the picture in your mind and affirm it until it becomes a reality. This is an amazing way to help yourself.

Try visualizing affirmations in any area of life you would like to change.

Affirmations are for believing in yourself and realizing your dreams.

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