Believe Yourself - You Know What's Right For You

Believe yourself, when other people tell you things about you that make you unhappy, you know in your heart the way you are.

At these times, you have a choice to make. You can choose to believe what they say, which makes you unhappy, or you can choose to disagree.

Remember, you always have a choice.

If you can, try not to react to the negative comments. It is this reaction that causes your problem. When you are told something that pleases you, this makes you feel good about yourself, your reaction is a positive happy one.

When you hear something negative, you react in a way that makes you have doubts about yourself, and zaps your confidence, or makes you angry.

Try if you can, and I know this is not easy, to listen to the comments, and then dismiss them as untrue. If you don't react or take them to heart, you have no problem.

Do you find it difficult to believe yourself? Do you focus on negative information rather than fill your mind with positive words about yourself?

If you doubt your capabilities, and feel a lack of confidence in yourself, you should wipe the negative thoughts you have, and replace them with positive statements.

man on rock Tell yourself constantly, what a worthwhile, and amazing person you are. Visualize you are the way you want to be.

Visualizing is very powerful, and if you combine this with some really good positive affirmations, it won't be long before you start to change, and become the way you dream to be.

Affirmations can help make you stronger. These are words that are spoken as though you are already how you want to be.

Statements such as "I am capable," rather that "I am becoming capable," or, "I am confident," not, "I am going to be confident."

Choose affirmations that suit your circumstances. Repeat them as often as you can throughout your day. The more you say them the quicker your subconscious will believe them.

Remember, what you believe you are like, is the way you will be. You can choose to change if you want to.

Start to believe yourself. With positive self talk you can become a new confident you.

Give it a go!

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