Improve Self Esteem - Shrug Off Hurtful Words

You can improve self esteem by altering the thoughts you have about yourself.

Low self esteem can be caused by your surrounding circumstances and the way you react to them.

Have you allowed yourself to be influenced by other people's beliefs and comments?

Once you start to believe these negative words it is not easy to shake them off. Do you find they have sunk into your subconscious to gnaw away at you, and make you feel bad?

The more you think about what has been said, the more they will hurt and affect you.

To improve self esteem you have to rid yourself of these thoughts and stop believing what others have told you in the past.

It is your own thoughts that have caused your low self esteem. Had you refused to believe what was said to you, you would not suffer from low self esteem.

I realize that when hurtful words are spoken it's not always easy to shrug them off, but it is important that you try not to dwell on them,or take them to heart.

When you keep reliving the words or actions, the hurt and the pain is causing the problem, and the more you think about it, the lower your self esteem goes.

Make the choice not to accept negative words in the future. For everything negative that may be said about you, tell yourself the opposite.

Not only once but again, and again, until it's the positive words your subconscious believes.

Find positive affirmations that make you feel good about yourself, and repeat these first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, and anytime throughout the day you think of them. Repeat them as often as you can.

You will find that affirmations really will improve your self esteem if you say them often enough.

Your sub conscious will come to believe what it is told, and you will have blossomed into the wonderful, confident person you know you can be.

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