Building Confidence - What Thoughts Do You Have?

Building confidence should be easy don't you think?

The problem is, no matter how much you want to be confident it is your thoughts that prevent you from changing.

What can you do about this?

Start by deciding right here and now that you are definitely going to make the effort to change.

How can you do this?

By changing the thoughts you have about yourself.

What is your thought pattern?

Do you tell yourself "I have no confidence." Do you continuously put yourself down with negative words such "I'm no good at that, I'm useless" If so you are definitely your own worst enemy!

When you change your self talk to "I can do that" (even though you think you can't) this will change your energy, change your attitude, and when you hold on to this 'can do' thought and take action, you may be surprised to discover that yes, you were right, and yes, you could do that. Won't that make you feel good?

Building confidence is all about self belief. Your mind is very powerful, your sub-conscious hears every thought you have, and when you repeat negative information regularly it believes it, and when you chat to yourself about how hopeless you are, your sub conscious believes you and this is how you become.

Have you taken to heart negative or hurtful comments that family or friends have told you? People often say things without thinking of the consequences. When this happens don't react to what they say, in this way you will not take the words to heart and they wont affect your confidence.

Constantly let yourself know how positive you are, even when you feel low. You choose your thoughts throughout your day. Choose positive words all day and everyday, make every thought that you sink into your subconscious a strong one.

Close your eyes now, take a deep breath, and tell yourself "I am a confident person, I believe in myself". Say it with feeling, as though you really do believe it. Can you notice you have affected your energy and how you feel.

Talking to yourself will build your confidence. Telling yourself positive information, will make you believe in yourself, and self belief is what you need when building confidence.

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