Build Confidence by Visualizing

When you look for ways to build confidence, look within yourself. This is where your answer lies.

Your confidence, or lack of it, may have been shaped by the way you reacted to outside influences. Maybe you had a friend who was always better at things than you were, and this made you believe you weren't as good as this friend, and so you stopped trying.

Perhaps you were teased as a child, and now, as a result of this teasing, even though you are an adult, the hurt still with you, and lowers your confidence.

Whatever the reason, if you can accept that your reaction caused your low self confidence, this should help you to realize that you can change the way you are.

Think back to what caused the problem. Bring it up to the surface of your mind. Try to lesson the hurt you recall by detaching from it. Think about how you feel and try to lessen the hurt. Tell yourself you are no longer hurt by what happened.

If you can, visualize this hurt as a ball, and see yourself throw it away. Visualize it going up in the air, far, far away, then watch it explode into pieces and disappear. Say to yourself "I release all pain and hurt, I am confident."

You may have to do this more than once, but each time you do it, the hurt reaction should lessen.

Remember, reaction is a choice, and the choice is always yours.

Choose to be confident!

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