Is Low Self-Confidence A Problem?

Do you suffer from low self-confidence? This is often caused by negative self talk, and the fact that you focus on what you can't do, rather than what you can.
Focus on your strengths, and not your weaknesses. Realize that you are better at some things than others.

If there is something you want to do, set a realistic goal for yourself, one that you will be able to achieve. Don't make the goal too low or too high, but at a level you know you can reach.

sunset man When you have been successful, make the goal a bigger one and work towards it.

Keep your self-talk positive, don't let negative comments enter your mind as these will distract you, and lower your confidence.

Repeat positive statements to yourself every day.

Words such as:

  • I like myself
  • I am confident
  • I am good at what I do
  • I am worthwhile
  • I can do whatever I put my mind to
  • I have faith in my ability

The above are positive words that will help to build your self confidence.

Your confidence may be low because of negative comments people have said to you. You have taken to heart what they have said, and your sub-conscious has now programed itself to be this way.

If you can start to repeatedly tell yourself positive statements about the way you are, your sub-conscious will re-program itself and accept all the amazing confident information you tell it.

It would be great if this could all happen overnight, but unfortunately it will take persistence on your part. You will have to stay determined and keep re-enforcing the positive words until you start to build up faith within yourself.

Once you come to believe in yourself, you will notice a difference in the way people react to you. They will enjoy being in the company of the new confident you.

It's true, they really will!

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