Stay Positive - Know You Can

Can you stay positive no matter what happens to you? It's not easy when you have self limiting thoughts.

You may not be living up to your full potential because you have put negative thoughts in your mind. When you think you can't then this is what happens.

When you start believing in yourself and thinking you can, you will improve your confidence, because the more you talk in a positive way to yourself the stronger you will become.

Sounds good? You do have the ability to change the way you are. You have to believe this is so and then allow your thoughts to make it so.

You may feel a lack of confidence due to what other people have said to you in the past.

These comments may not have been said to hurt you, or with any particular thought by whoever spoke them to you. However you may have believed them, taken them to heart, and allowed them to sap your confidence and make you afraid to be how you want to.

Often, if you were to tell the other person how their words have affected you throughout your life, they will not remember having said them.

If words have hurt you in the past, words can help you in the future.

You can change the way you see yourself by changing the thoughts you have about yourself. The more you tell yourself positive things about how capable you are, the sooner you will become this way.

Your self talk is vital. When you hear your thoughts telling you how useless you are, or that you won't be able to do something. Immediately turn those thoughts into positive words.

Give something a go that in the past you may have been scared to try, you may not do it the first time round, but what does it matter? Try it again, and again, until you do it.

I like the saying "the world's not going to swing off it's axis" if you can't do something the first time, or if you get something wrong. - One of my husband's sayings - he has quite a few, but I like this one, because it's true. No matter what happens, the world's not going to swing off it's axis, is it.

Stay positive throughout your day. Keep those thoughts positive at all times, and don't listen to anyone who tells you negative things about yourself. Let their comments go, and replace them with all good stuff about yourself!

Start believing in yourself, know that you are a unique, special, important, person, and if anyone tells you differently, they don't know your inner self do they!

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