Self Discovery

by Alien Angel
(London, UK)

Every decision I have ever made was a bad one, where my 2 brothers always came out on top. They have good jobs and brand new cars... I have no job and no car and no hope. Except when I discovered myself through an experience I had. It was 2am when awoke with a loud buzz which I was surrounded by and was inside of me, a heavy thump I landed on my bed. I saw the clock glowing the time and I realised I was just floating above my body below the ceiling. I had seen a glowing bluey silver chord connecting what I realised was my soul to my body.

I looked it up on the net to see if anything like this had happened to anyone else and sure enough I found loads of examples of exactly the same thing. I discovered it's called Astral Travelling. I read books about spiritualism and went to talk to some people at the local spiritual church. I was fascinated and became a member.

I joined what is called a circle where people meet up to talk about their experiences and to help each-other to understand them. I discovered spirit communication and Past lives. And that we are all the same from the same place and going to the same destination. The reason for life and the self discovery changed my outlook on life. Believe it or not you can find a new part of yourself that will completely turn you around. No drugs, no Doctor visits, just self discovery.
Whatever your background or religious beliefs anything is worth a try right?

Even if you’re skeptical give it a good try...
I recommend these books:
Past Lives / Future Lives by Dr. Bruce Goldberg.
Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss.
From these books you will discover so much wonderful things about your life, your existence and how you will find much joy out of knowing who you really are.

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Self discovery.
by: Anonymous

Thank you for writing about your experiences. You have acted on them and strived to find out more.
We are all spirits living in a physical existence that not everyone is aware of. We are there for a purpose but unfortunately not all of us are aware of it.

I came into this philosophy through feeling that I did not know who I was or where I was headed.
It started with the death of my mother when I had just turned 16, even then I did not visit her grave as i knew that she was not there, she had vacated her physical body and gone where I could not have contact with her. Looking back I had no direction or real help to find it and I lost any confidence in myself that I had, and that was little.

Over the years I have searched for a meaning to my life and finally I found it. It often takes an experience like you had or being up against a lot of negativity to make you search. Good luck.

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