Positive Affirmations Can Help Your Inner Growth And Confidence

Positive affirmations play an important part in self development. Just think about it, all you have to do is talk to yourself!

Some of us do this often, unfortunately, however, what we tell ourselves is not what we should be listening to. Such as, "I am hopeless," I can't be bothered,' "I am totally useless." No wonder we don't feel good about ourselves!

If you want to improve, and I am sure everyone wants to feel good about themselves, it is just a matter of reprogramming your mind into believing that you can do what you want to, and that you aren't useless. In fact, truth be known, you are brilliant!

This is where talking to yourself comes into play.

Positive affirmations will help you to change. They should be spoken as though you already are the way you want to be. "I am going to be confident," will not work. Instead try, "I am confident," "I am brave," "I am a worthwhile person," make them definite.

Affirmations must be repeated as often as you can. On the train, on the bus, in the car, watching TV, in bed, anywhere, and every time you think of them.

Try visualizing yourself as being the way you want. See yourself behaving in a confident way, walking up to people and speaking to them. See yourself as having achieved in any situation you want, and try to generate how wonderful you feel as you imagine yourself as being successful.

The more often you say affirmations the sooner you will become the new wonderful you!

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