Delete Negative Words From Your Life

Do negative words constantly fill your mind every day? They can cause you fear, and also cause you to doubt your ability. What are your thoughts telling you? Do they say all kinds of things that you would rather not hear? Are they saying:

  • I'm no good at that
  • How come every one is better than I am
  • I'm such a wimp
  • I always feel tired
  • I can't be bothered
  • I'm useless

So on, and so on, the list could go on for ever!

When you spend time trying to solve what is wrong with you and your life, believe it or not, because you are totally focused on what you see as your faults, you are actually drawing all this negative energy to you, and so you become the way you don't want to be.

Aaaarggh! Isn't that dreadful?

So what can you do? Can you get rid of negative words, can you get rid of fear that these words cause? With determination you will be able to.

Focus on how you want to be, not on how you don't want to be. Not only this, but when you focus, tell yourself that you already are the way you want to be. By this I mean, don't say "I am going to become a capable person." Say "I am a capable person." Say it as though you already are, and say it with conviction, as though you really mean it.

  • I'm very good at what I do
  • I am a worthwhile person
  • I am a brave person
  • I am full of energy
  • I can do whatever I put my mind to
  • I am capable

It's true, you can be how you want by a change of thought.

When you believe and understand that your thoughts become things, or, become your reality, and then you put positive thoughts into action, you will change your life.

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