Negative Thinking Brings Negative Results!

Negative thinking is a choice.

Why is everyone better than me?

Is this a thought you have? Why is it that you feel this way?

The truth is that no one is better than you, but because you don't believe this, your negative thoughts have sunk deep into your mind and you believe that, yes, everyone is better than you.

When did you first start to doubt yourself? Did you have a sister or brother who were praised for being clever, or being pretty. Did no one pay you compliments, and so you felt insecure or unimportant.

Maybe as you were growing into adulthood your friends picked on you (did I say friends?) Perhaps you longed to be like they were, and so you put up with the hurt feelings, even though you were crying inside from the pain their cruel words caused, because you thought that in the end they would accept you?

Did the partner of your dreams come into your life, only to let you down with cruel words or actions. Were you deflated with no praise, no kind words, just taken for granted and expected to do things without ever being thanked?

I say again, nobody is better than you. You are great, you are special, you are worthwhile. However, unless you can accept this as true, you will find it difficult to change.

Everyone has freedom of choice. Why not choose to pick up the pieces, and start thinking positively. Starting today decide you can be a success.

What you believe has shaped the way you are, so why not change the negative thoughts you have? Decide to day to believe in yourself and become the great individual that you long to be.

It may not be easy. You may have years of negative thinking to contend with, but if you can stay positive in your effort to change your thoughts, you will slowly but surely begin to improve.

No one can do this for you because your beliefs are your own, and only you can choose to change them.

When you stay strong and determined you will succeed - the choice is yours!

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