Are You A Happy Bunny Today?

Are you a happy bunny at the moment?

Did you know that happiness is a matter of choice? It's our attitude that makes us feel happy or sad.

Of course I know that many times throughout the day things happen to you that you feel you just can't be happy about.

However, you can choose not to dwell on the things that didn't go well for you and you weren't happy about, or, you can look back and remember what did go well for you.

You will constantly go through different situations, but you don't have to let them influence how you feel. Your reaction to these circumstances is very important. If you react in a negative way, then you are going to feel miserable and unhappy.

happy people,happy bunny If, on the other hand, you refuse to let yourself feel down and don't dwell on what has happened, you will improve your day, because of the positive stand you have taken.

If you choose to be a happy bunny, there is a lot you can do to add happiness into your life.

Happiness is inner peace and satisfaction. It is experienced when you have no worries, or at least you refuse to be affected by these thoughts, and allow only happiness in.

When we do something we love to do, this makes us happy. When we gain or achieve something we value, this also makes us happy.

Although you probably think it is the outer influence that is making you happy, in fact it isn't, happiness actually comes from within you, and has been caused by the outer event.

Many people feel happiness doesn't last very long, because they let the changes that occur round them affect the way they are feeling.

meditation, One of the best ways to keep this feeling of happiness is through daily meditation. It is a definite way to achieve inner peace. As the mind becomes peaceful, it becomes easier to choose to be happy.

There are other ways you can increase your happiness.

Try your best to alter the way you look at things. Have you heard the song "Always look on the bright side of life"? Try that! It works.

Don't let yourself dwell on any negative things that happen throughout your day. Look at all the positive things that happen.

Make it a goal to think of at least three good things that have happened to you each day.

When you come across a problem, try not to see it as one, but look on it as a challenge, and stay positive in the knowledge that you will get through it.

Listen to music that you find relaxing. Music that 'fills your soul' because it is so beautiful.

Pay careful attention to your thoughts. If you hear any negative ones creeping in, dismiss them instantly and replace them with positive ones.

Think about the good things in your life. Be determined to have a happy day.

Look at what you have achieved. Don't dwell on what you haven't done. Always strive to do better next time.

It is important to be a happy bunny every day!

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