Achievement, Why Not Make It More Than Just A Desire?

The word achievement in the Collins English Dictionary is, the act of performing; a performance; a great or heroic deed; an exploit; a feat. You can see that this implies that whatever you want to do may not be that easy!

However don't give up before you get started whatever you do. Get the anything is possible attitude.

Without a doubt your attitude is the ingredient to success. Do you have the desire to see your goal through to its completion?

Have you tried before, only to give up half way through. Were you almost there but stopped because you lost the desire, or perhaps things weren't moving along as fast as you would have liked?

With determination success can be yours.

achievement,success When you decide what it is that you are going to do, you have to keep a positive attitude.

If you have decided to lose weight, then no, just one little nibble of that chocolate is not OK, and it doesn't make it OK because there's nobody around,to know that you even looked at it, let alone nibbled on it!

There will be someone who will know, and will be disappointed in your lack of strength. Who? You!

Visualization can play a huge part in your success if you let it. The way to do this is to visualize yourself as having been successful at what you are doing. So, if losing weight is you goal, imagine yourself as being the slim person you want to be.

Hold this vision in front of you at all times. When you start thinking about yummy puddings, or bars of chocolate, change that vision extra quick, and see yourself as being slim. Visualize how great you are going to look, and hold on to that vision and thought!

Whatever your aim, visualize a successful outcome. See yourself being patted on the back for a good job. If you want to be able to speak in front of people, vizualize yourself standing in front of an audience. See them clapping and cheering you.

Generate the feeling you will get when this becomes a reality, which it can, and will, if you stay determined. When you feel you want to give up bring to mind how good you know you will feel, sense it, visualize it.

So remember,

Desire + action + visualizing = achievement

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