Get Rid Of Fearful Thoughts They Limit Your Potential

Fearful thoughts will hold you back. To get rid of fear you have to stop feeding your mind negative information. It's these thoughts that bring anxiety, and then, because you accept them into your mind, you instantly limit your ability. When you dismiss the thought, refuse to accept it, you will feel better within yourself.

When you think you can't do something then this is what happens. When you trust yourself and believe you can, you will improve your confidence, because the more often you talk in a confident way the stronger you will feel.

You have the ability to alter the way you are. Once you believe this, you can use your thoughts to change. The more you tell yourself about how capable you are, the sooner you'll become this way.

Strong confident self talk is essential. When you hear your thoughts becoming anxious, try to replace them with positive information. Don't let the anxiety take hold in your mind. You can choose to change your thoughts into something you want to hear.

When you feel scared try to ignore the thoughts, and change them into positive words. Tell yourself words such as "I am not afraid" or "I am a brave confident person," anything that will take your mind away from what scares you.

Why not try to do something that in the past you wouldn't have tried because you thought you would fail. Tell yourself that you can and will do it this time, and then stay determined, and try until you succeed.

Stay as confident as you can throughout your day. Replace any anxious thoughts that try to creep inside your mind, with positive information, and don't listen to anyone who tells you negative things about yourself.

Remember, your thoughts make you the way you are, decide today to be unafraid!

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