"Criminals" have hearts too.

by Tiffany

This post is not meant to compare or out-do..... I really hope my pitiful life will make some of you see that you have so much still...

I'm a convicted felon. Convicted in 2006, and since then I have been a burden on every soul I encounter
Before my felony, I had every reason to hate my life... Low self esteem, mom and dad didn't pay enough attention to me as a child, I had a learning disability, intelligent, overlooked, overweight, watched 2 abusive parents kill each other, was insulted by my Mom because I wasn't beautiful and thin like my sister.

Then attained a drinking and drug problem I guess as an inevitable result of my life, being constantly out of control and disrespectful I finally got kicked out and ended up in a house where I ruined my life truly.

Although I must suffer the consequences for the crimes committed, 5 years later after I've changed my life and lived the straight and narrow, the world still turns me away like garbage. A convicted piece of criminal garbage. Because of this I can't get a job, the jobs I did get one has screwed me over so harshly that it messed with my eligibility for unemployment and now I (jobless, and my Fiance barely makes enough to feed us) have to pay 6,000$ to the government. On top of that, I'm waiting for my cousin to throw us out ( or should I say his skanky girl friend of 1 month and newly pregnant). We have no idea what we are going to do.

The only reason we are in this position is my fault. If my Fiance never met me he'd be with another girl, prospering living on his own. Now he's supporting his loser criminal partner, and I have NOTHING to offer anyone. Each and every one of you have something so powerful that people like me don't have maybe your forgetting? You can still choose, at least put food on the tables, at least GET a job.
Everyone deserves a second chance and I never got one. Remember when you feel worthless that you DO have some of the vital things to survive, and live prosperously. I can't help anyone. I always need help I am homeless without my fiance and where we're at is the last place we have to go.

After that? I'm not sure. Its so terrifying for me to think what if he abandons me in the end? As a woman that situation is so dangerous I feel in danger everyday. You all can still CHOOSE....I have no choices anymore. I will soon be checking myself into an institution for assistance. And partially to gain proof of need of assistance. Maybe after I'm released I can help him. I am truly a waist of space. Imagine your life as mine. Losing all opportunities, hopes and dreams. When all my dream is NOW? Is to help the love of my life financially so we can live.... and I can't because no one truly gives a crap about this criminal. They won't even let me work a BS minimum wage job so we can breathe ...

Always remember the most powerful thing in existence is CHOICE.... when you lose that right, you truly lose.

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by: Anonymous

I thank you for your kind words. I must ask, how can I become closer to God and find whatever blessings I hear so much about. Currently I have not begun to seek out any churches or support groups as far as churches I have been so reluctant with God.

My mother struggles I believe from schizophrenia and the basis of her sickness revolves around God. It seems so impossible to receive his blessings by the way she talks of him and the guidelines she says are necessary to receive such gifts.

I find faith and the way of God and his word so impossible sometimes. I see so many people around me, from what I've been taught haven't "earned" his blessings and live so wrong and yet still are prosperous.

I try not to expect things and I know its wrong to but I can't help but ask "Why? What have I done to deserve so long of nothing to bring me above water?" How can I become closer so I maybe can receive a blessing or 2? Maybe my non faith is why I'm suffering.

Criminals have hearts too.
by: Anonymous

Maybe you have done wrong but you have paid for it dearly. There is still hope, what you want to do, is to read books by people who have had to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and there have been plenty who have done just that. We are only human after all and we have all made wrong choices and done stupid things that when we look back make us cringe.

Have you contact with a church or a support group, there will be people out there who have been there and done that and with whom you will find some help and support.

No one is worthless in the sight of God, we are all his children and worthy of love and respect. One day there will be daylight. You can help by finding someone else who is unfortunate and help them, this way you will help yourself.

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