Building Self Esteem Is Your Choice. Why Not Start Today?

Building self esteem is not always easy.

It is difficult to get out of feeling low within yourself, but it is important to realize that you do have a choice in the matter.

So what can you do to restart building your esteem? It may sound too easy, but if you can start by talking to yourself, this will help you become a new confident you! Truly it will.

Think about it, you believe negative things about yourself, so it makes sense that you can also believe positive things about yourself. Do you agree?

Choose the part of yourself that you want to improve and begin by telling yourself how good you are at it. It's that simple. However you have to keep telling yourself every day, and often, how great you are. That's the secret.

The more often you praise yourself the quicker you will become the way you want to be.

Choose a statement that means something to you, say it as though it has already happened. Say it whenever you think of it, particularly on getting up in the morning or before you go to sleep. Write it down, and put it where you can see it every day.

Words such as "I am very confident," I am a strong person," "I am a worthy person," "I have courage." will help raise the value you have of yourself. You can become a success, believe it, stay positive, and make it so.

Make it your choice not to listen or believe anything negative about yourself. Comments from people in your past are often the reason for a low self esteem. Any negative comments you hear, or thoughts that come to mind, replace them with positive ones.

It's your choice, you can start building your self esteem this very minute, if you put your mind to it!

Believe you can do it. Believe in you.

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