Wrong allegations at work

Someone complained about me having a business which violates my companies code of conflict. The ethics dept. took my PC away at the middle of a hectic workday to check what is being stored on my PC.

I have a very busy personal life and put my 100% efforts at my work and home too. I don't own any business and this allegation is killing me. I have to prove now that I don't have any business. Feeling frustrated.

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Untrue Allegations
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

I can imagine how hurt, worried, and frustrated you must feel at this wrong accusation.

Having read what you wrote, I don't feel that you have to prove that you don't have a business. Your company has to prove that you do, and once the ethics department checks your PC they will find that you don't.

Try to remain calm, confident, and stay strong.
Don't lose your cool, be professional, and as this unfolds your company will see that what has been said is not true.

Maybe someone sees you working so hard 100% of the time they assume you must be working on something for yourself because you are so focussed on what you are doing!

I wish you good luck, it can only work out for you when you have done nothing wrong.

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