Why do people shoot themselves in the foot.

by Elizabeth
(Upper Hutt)

Recently a flat was trashed by a young man who had missed out on renting it. He climbed in through a window and turned on the taps creating considerable damage. The owner of the flat next door lived on her own and is elderly. She wondered what was going on but too scared to investigate. The owners came round and had to get someone in to dry out the flat and the noise of the dehumidifier kept the neighbour awake for three nights.

I hope that the culprit will be caught and made to pay for the damage as so many young people who engage in this behaviour get away with it but they do not seem to realise that in the end that these childish acts may not get them the work and accommodation that they would like. No one wants to employ a person who has proved not to be at all mature or a landlord allow someone into their property who has done damage elsewhere. Word does get around.
It is not always the fault of the parents when young people go wrong but when you think that so many people have little idea of how to be consistent with their children it is quite understandable that a few people have little idea of how to interact out in the community, because they have never known right from wrong.

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