Why carry on?

by Hugh

Hi i am turning 12 next month and so far my life as an 11 year old has probably been my worst year. It is scaring me how time is going so fast and I just randomly get upset all the time.

I'm usually sad more than happy and I don't know why it's suddenly this year which has changed. I hate school and get picked on for various reasons. Although I have a loving family It is this year I have suddenly gone upset and just like well why bother with everything. I am worried about the future. Time is going too fast for me it is scaring me. 1 minuite seems like a second. Why?
I am constantly sad, tired, depressed, overweight. And I know for a fact at my young age this should not be happening. Please help :'(

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Why carry on
by: Anonymous

Hugh you are only young and you have your life before you. Very few people go through life without some doubts and fears.

Sometimes parents are so wrapped up in their own concerns that they do not take time to listen to the children and maybe this is what has happened to you.

Is there someone around that you could talk to about how you feel and what you want to try and do to feel a bit better.

There will be some understanding relative or family friend who would help you if you could open up to them or have you a school counsellor.
I know that a lot of the schools in Britain are really large and they could be impersonal

As time goes by and you change classes and teachers things will get better and more understandable.

Why carry on
by: Kay

You are coming into your teens and your body is going through many changes as you come into adulthood. As you mature you should be more able to cope with what seems to bother you. Give it time.

Stay confident within yourself. It's how you feel inside that's important. Concentrate on your self talk. Listen to what you tell yourself. Make sure you have only strong positive thoughts about yourself and when you hear the ones that bring you down or make you frightened change them into 'I can do this' 'I am confident' 'I can cope' thoughts.

What you think about yourself is how you are and so you should make your thoughts become about how you want to be, and in time this will be the way you are.

Good luck,


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