why bother to exist

by Josh

I'm a male just turning 40 and everyone's been telling me it's down hill from here nothing to look forward to anymore. My brother in-law (sis husband) said "I want to plant this seed in your head." Now i definitely don't want any sort of celebration party.

So I really started to think why do I bother in life. Why am I here, what is the point in accomplishing goals if in the end I will die anyway.

Each year that passes the weaker we are and closer to death we get. Why bother saving for the future when death is waiting for you. Why bother loving when death will tear your love apart. Why try and stay fit, healthy think young when death is the end. Why care if I get sick, it doesn't matter if I'm sick or healthy, death is the end.

Why feel fear in life when death is the ultimate end. Why feel joyous when each turn of the clock death awaits your name. Why am I here. who cares if I feel anger or sorrow or pain, love or joy or think of the future of the life I have left, as this too will come to an end.

Why bother with material possessions, money, assets, friends, family or the state of the earth if everything even the earth will die in the end.

Now I cant get this empty feeling in life out of my head. I feel like i am non existent already, like one little raindrop that evaporates into eternity of nothing.

An overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

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Why bother?
by: Anonymous

Why bother even when we're all going to die, no matter what path you chose. "Good" or "Bad", rich or poor. We will all die, for the clock is ticking. During the entirety of the day, we all die very slowly. second by second, minute by minute, day by day. We all slowly die throughout life. So, why bother, no matter what.

life really hurts
by: Anonymous

I am 57 years old, divorced, and I am living with my two grown sons ages 34 and 28. My oldest is bipolar and suicidal since the age of 17...that's been fun.
My younger son had a liver transplant at age 28 out of the blue for no apparent reason had liver failure and now has neurological problems and can't walk without losing his balance.
The father is of no use whatsoever, in fact, he is bipolar and completely dysfunctional and abusive.
I have spent my life devoted to both of my children but we keep getting dealt these incredibly horrible cards....
So....I REALLY don't get it.
But....my faith in God has grown exponentially through it all. I have had to REALLY let go as a parent and know that I am NOT in charge of anything and God is.

My children are GOD's children...they really don't belong to me. I have done everything humanly possible to love them, support them, send them to college, share my faith with them, bring them up by teaching them about God, provide them with everything they need as a SINGLE mother.
So... we are here to serve others, as Jesus did. If you are not doing anything to help others in the crazy world of course you think nothing matters.

What are YOU doing to contribute to the world, to help others who are suffering more than you, to try and make a difference in someone else's life?
Your life's purpose is to SERVE!! So get busy with your young able body and do something that MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!!!

simply put
by: Anonymous

My father was in college. His English professor on a final exam simply put the question "why?"(and to answer in their own words). Now many students spent lots of time writing the answer to that question. My father easily and with a smile put "why not?". He received an A on the test. I always think of that when I question and over analyze life.If you focus too hard on one thing you'll miss all the other things passing you by.

There is no reason...
by: Anonymous

....but that's not a bad thing. Spirituality or not, it doesn't really answer any deep truths or harness any solid understanding of why we even exist in the first place.

The truth is that there are no proven reasons for us to exist, but that's not a negative or bad thing. In fact, it's a liberating thing because it means that you can assign your own sense of meaning to the reason you are alive. You can choose why you exist and what you want to get out of your time on earth.

This is a wonderful thing. If you find enjoyment in something, make that your reason to exist. If something makes you happy or excited, make that the reason to exist. There is no hard and fast rules to decide or allocate your personal reasons to live. You live your own experience and therefore only you can determine what it means to be alive. Of course society also exists and we have to contribute to the societal framework in our functional years by working and playing a specific role in that framework and your reward (primarily money) is what you use to survive. How you spend the money you make is really up to you though. You don't have to work just to pay off a mortgage or support a family. You dont have to work a job you hate either! you choose! just because society favours certain guidelines to living a successful life, who cares? these are just guidelines, they are not rules. You make the decision of how to live your life and your level of enjoyment and happiness for it. It's all you. :)))

why bother?
by: Anonymous

Imagine, for the sake of this argument, that there is no god, no heaven, no hell, no punishment after death, and certainly no rewards. got it? ...good. now with this in mind, and knowing there will be an end eventually maybe tomorrow maybe in 30 years but once it happens that's it, game over, you're dead just another rotting pile of meat in the ground, wouldn't you want to have as much fun as you could before you croak? I would but I seem to derive no satisfaction or enjoyment from my day to day activities, happiness is momentary, interest and entertainment are fleeting, even the "holiest of holies" that's right SEX is just another over- glorified activity not nearly as great as it's been made out to be, am I even really living? Or am I just Some walking dead man waiting for my end. If asked I would lean towards the latter. Why bother with an education college or otherwise, it doesn't really guarantee you a good job or even a job, why bother with a 9 to 5 job everyday for 40 years, why bother with a loan for a house you can't afford, why bother with that car you'll be paying off for years just to see it die or get smashed in an accident, why bother none of it will help you in the end no matter how much money you make you still have maybe 80 years give or take and then time's up.

I'm 19 years old and people tell me "you have your whole future/life ahead of you" to which my response is: what future? what life? it seems to me the standard "life paths" the world views as "good" or acceptable" are A: finish school get a job start a family get a loan on a house (for the family) and then spend the rest of my allotted time working to pay for, the family, the house, the vehicle (which will become necessary w/ the family & job)and the student debt. B: join the military and if I survive repeat option A or C: join the workforce and pick up several jobs such as manual labor and once again repeat option A minus the schooling. There are other options and variations of course but I think I covered the main three. what purpose do these life paths serve? well the common formula seems to be: start family get a job and work to feed family/pay debt Now in my opinion this is absolutely unacceptable. It seems to be we are living this way simply to keep afloat an already dying economy. Once again: WHY BOTHER?

I am 19 years old I have my whole life ahead of me but can't even find a valid reason to get out of bed in the morning other than "nature's call" I'm tired of it. I'm tired of everything.

by: Anonymous

I wake up and try to be positive - one day i woke in fear.... I cant get rid of it - i feel it in my arms my chest my mind--- i already miss my children - i will lose my parents soon - i still want my gramma after 30 + plus yrs after her death......Just woke up and now i feel helpless against the doom- i can't concentrate... why am i here... why would i have children only tohave them face these fears - it seem cruel - i dont wont them to feel this way- yet they will--- i feel as though maybe ther is mmore at times - but there is no proof ---billions have gone before me greater and better and they are just gone.. Religions 4000 yrs before Jesus ask the same-- bible was written by men-- changed as needed my men- Yet i feel need to be kind - smell the flowers- why it serves no purpose to do so or even notice - being Aware that we are aware is painful ---

by: Anonymous

Life is only truly lived if you have the capability to live it. Mine like many is work, grab a small time in life but work comes round again, I think we live to work then exist after it, it just seems pointless, the world, people are full of greed a few have it the rest don't and there is a huge weight keeping us down. Just pointless existence, just work, pay bills and have very little and no point in a dream because it doesn't happen.

Part of my Grandma's Eulogy
by: Anonymous

What do you think happens after you die? How is it that your conscience is tied to your body at this particular time in history? It is a ten out of ten statistic, death is coming for us. We know it and what do we do? We push it from our minds and try to fill our schedules so that we are too busy to think about it. James 4:14; "whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." We are here one minute, and then gone the next.

The truth is, we don't live up to our own morals much less God's. We have sinned against a holy and righteous God. Romans 3:23...Romans 6:23... John 3:16... Ephesians 2:8-9. Whatever your struggles, no matter how far you've fallen. All you have to do is turn around, and God will meet you. It doesn't matter what you have done or who you've become, God wants you to come home. And the reason we can do this, is because there is a bridge between us and God. And that bridge is Jesus Christ. And He has the power to forgive.

Understand God's plan for us... a future, a hope, an everlasting life. "Heaven will be an endless chase, and endless tracking down of the glories of God." -Paul Washer. 1st John 5:20 "And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know Him that is true, even in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life."

All the answers you are looking for are in the KJV Bible and in Christ. I challenge you, most won't bother to read it and will draw their opinions on what others have said about Christianity.

live backwards = evil
by: Anonymous

I would love to wear rose colored glasses but after 50 years of a life you fought for every step of the way to make it right, having now known 3 physopaths, never believed God brought "bad" to me & my faith endured, but have spent last year wondering wtf I am here for after shooting death of a young man you loved; an unethical, immoral firing by a physopath bitch who got away with physical intimidation, mental abuse and every type of mind f--- you can think of to wield her power to be cruel - and all of this being done because you won't bow down to her & lick her toes - work was always impeccable; found out after 29 yrs the suicides of your sister and mother were not - your physopath father set up & murdered your mom & got away with it while sister was accidental shooting; 21 yr old relationship ended b/c your investigation was yielding these results & you didn't keep a cat company when owners were only gone 28 hours; young man you loved as your own turns 19 & decides to ignore you & last words are cruel.

by: Anonymous

I am 30 years old, and I feel the same. Everything I try to do turns to sh*t. I am trying to continue but it really seems pointless.

by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Wow our thoughts sure are powerful aren't they! All this from words spoken by others to you, that you have decided to take on board and believe, and now life is terrible for you.

I would like to share my belief with you. I believe life does not end here. I believe we carry on after death, that we are on earth to learn and to develop the spirit within.

You may or may not agree with me, but I would rather have this thought in my head than all the whys you have asked in your message.

I would like to ask you to put a 'not' after all your whys and ask yourself why not feel everything you are feeling. We learn from all the challenges that are in our life. We grow and become stronger because of them. Even if life does end after this one, why choose misery over happiness?

As we grow older we become content with our lives, not fretful because death is approaching. You are only turning 40 - you are still very young - trust me on this one! It is only when you turn 50 that you will look back and realise how young you looked, and were, at age 40. The same will no doubt happen when you hit 60. At least it did for me!

Life is for living, giving, sharing, loving, laughing, crying, appreciating, growing, all things positive! Not doom and gloom. You have to realise that your life is the way it is because of the thoughts you are having. Your thoughts are negative, you should change them to positive ones.

Care about yourself, how you are, don't listen to the negative stuff these people are talking to you. They surely don't realise the affect they are having inside your mind. This is all it is. The thoughts you choose to act on have made you this way. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.

Why choose a wretched existence when you can have a joyful one? You are far too young to be morbid.

Be happy - it's an inner feeling, a state of mind, you can do it!


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