Why am I so paranoid?

by Hayley

My and my boyfriend have been together 11 years. He was 14 I was 15 when we got together. We have both cheated very early in the relationship. I slept with someone, he didn't. I know he loves me and I do trust him but I am so paranoid when he's around other girls or is out with the lads. It's really putting a strain on our relationship at the moment but I don't know how to stop thinking like this.

I love him to pieces and really don't want to loose him slant advice will be much appreciated xx

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So Paranoid
by: Kay

When you focus on something it becomes more important. Unfortunately you are focusing on negative stuff about your partner and the more you think about it the worse it gets, and the worse it gets the more paranoid you become. You have to change your thoughts, you have to trust him, but more importantly you have to start to believe in yourself and love who you are.

When you are uncertain about yourself you believe you will lose your partner and so you need to love yourself, become strong within by changing your self talk into what a beautiful worthwhile young lady you are.

Make a life for yourself, go out with your friends, don't sit home moping, fretting and wondering whats happening. Go out and have fun, you are just as entitled as he is to have friends you enjoy going out with.

Good luck,

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