"When the Moon Is Dark"

by Pandora
(Reno, Nevada)

I have been going through many life changes recently...changes in my outward situation that were beyond my control. They have been a blessing because I was going in the wrong direction with such velocity that I would not have stopped otherwise.

I want to recommend a book that has been so helpful: "When The Moon Is Dark We Can Still See The Stars" by Pamela Prime. It is her autobiography, but it is multi-layered, and addresses a range of issues/topics. She is a Jesuit Theologian, so I was a little wary at first, as I was not looking for religious inspiration necessarily, but this book transcends that and gets to a deeper, underlying humanity.

There are questions at the end of each chapter, so I used it like a workbook. It has really helped me identify the places I feel unhappy and need to grow, and what direction I want to take.

I think this book can help a lot of people who are searching, dealing with grief/loss, or facing life transitions. We all need to unearth and clarify our true selves, and this book offers a pathway.

Thank you for this website and the opportunity to share my thoughts.


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