what you sow you reap

by s balakrishnan

I have found in my life that what we sow we reap. We may think any way say like revenge or help or share or snatch or console or blame etc what we do we think it is right but only the result will ensure the correctness of our action.

I will tell you a story which my grandfather told me and even to this day it is as fresh in my heart. My grandfather had a sister who was married to the Tahsildar or Zamindar of those times. They lived very happily. They had lot of lands and so many trees. He could just go for a walk and ensure all workers are working well and from their lands whatever output they got was enough for the year around and they also sold it in the market. My grand uncle used to look very royal and my grand auntie was equally royal with her nine yards saree and diamond earring and nose ring.

But the sad part was they had no children. My grand uncle came to know he was nearing death so to look after his wealth and my grandaunt he adopted his brothers son. His brothers son was very smart. Already he was in a very high position in Government. So my uncle thought he will be very thoughtful in his dealings. He will deal everything nicely.

What happened. he became a puppet in the hands of his wife's aunt who instigated him saying there will be many claimants to the property and he should rush and take possession. Not only that my grand aunt was brought to Mumbai saying that she should come to her Son's place before 10 days during her widowhood otherwise after that she cannot come.

This lady too believed and she was brought by flight. She was asked to sign all papers and also all her ornaments were seized and she was sent back to native place with a gown.

My grandpa while telling this felt very sad. Even a tear came from his eye. He said they have sown the seed you will see the fruits they reap.

Years passed. My grandfather too passed away. My grand aunt had passed long before this.

Now what I am seeing for the last ten years the adopted son that is my uncle ie my paternal aunt's husband is on the death bed for the last ten to twelve years waiting for death anxiously. Everyone is tired my uncle, aunt and her son but death is not coming. Even though it was his wife's aunt who instigated him yet it is he who accepted it with silence so even god is silent about giving him death and lessening the pain caused to him and his near ones.

Not only that the aunt who instigated did a similar death where all her property was snatched by her sisters daughter and left in old age home during her last days

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