Waiting for the right One?

by JoAnna

I did want to write about a wonderful thing that happened to me. I have done a lot of neat things in my life and have served a lot of people. I was married for about nine years and my husband and I had to move around a lot for his job. It was hard many times but we stuck it out.

Things looked like they were getting better for us when we finally moved to Colorado. My husband and I had been having problems getting along (we just couldn't communicate with each other)even though I was trying to do everything I could think of to make him happy. He started treating me really bad and I really felt under it. Needless to say it got to the point where I told him we needed help and I couldn't take it anymore.

We ended up getting a divorce as he didn't want to go through counseling with me and said He wanted out. I was so heartbroken, we have two small children 1 and 3 at the time. I really did not want them to grow up without a Dad but I also did not want them to grow up thinking it was okay to treat Mommy like this.

My ex husband was not an evil man, he had severe mood swings and somehow I had become his emotional punching bag. He never hit me but I feared it was going there.

Spiritually this was so hard for me because I felt like I was letting God down, I couldn't please him so I felt like I had failed him, and worst of all I felt like I had let my babies down. I thought God had given up on me, but I didn't have anywhere to go but to Him.

I pressed in hard to God during this time. He kept me going and I decided to make Him my source of happiness. I needed to forgive myself and asked God if he could forgive me too? I had to receive His forgiveness even though that has been the hardest thing for me.

To make a long story short, I started going to single adults class at my church about a year after my divorce was final, and made a lot of friends. It was hard to be back in this gene pool but my married friends told me it would be good for me to have some single friends too.

The leader of the group was a 39 year old man who had never been married. I befriended him and later we started dating. We are now married. He is the most wonderful man and had almost given up hope on meeting someone.

My children love him and he believes we are what he was waiting for. Our 1 year anniversary is coming up and we have used our home to hold a marriage bible study and invite all who will come into our home for fellowship.

I am so thankful to God for finally bringing me someone who loves me as much as HE loves me. My children still see their real father who remarried, and I always pray for his happiness. I came to peace with myself realizing I could never of made him happy that he needs to find peace within himself first. Praying you find your way, and know that God will never leave or forsake you.


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by: Kay

Hello JoAnna,

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

It was wonderful reading about your life and discovering that you finally reached true happiness.

I truly believe things happen for a reason, and what happened with your first marriage was meant to be.

I am certain God did not feel you had failed him. I believe God is love, and he doesn't judge us, and that no matter what we do we haven't failed him.

We have to learn from what we perceive as our failures, and in so doing this enables us to grow spiritually, and cope better the next time things aren't how we had hoped.

Thank you for spreading your happiness with this website.


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