ugly as hell

by stephen

There's no way to cope other than extreme facial reconstruction and even still I'd still be ugly. I actually had jaw surgery thinking it would solve everything. It didn't. I wont even go in stores its that bad. I'm the most negative cranky person I've ever seen.

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ugly as hell
by: Anonymous

It does not matter how you look, it is what is inside you that matters. Beauty is not everything, a nice nature and ability to get on with people and to care about them is worth more.
A friend of mine often commented on people's looks talking about attractiveness etc when in relation to the opposite sex or any other relationship. I said to her that you had to look beyond surface beauty, what the person was underneath was more important.
Even the most plain person when they are animated and being the light of the party can be beautiful.
Brains and intelligence matter too and I am sure that you are a lovely person regardless of how you feel that you look. If someone genuinely loves and cares for you they will not care how you look.

by: Kay

How you feel inside is what counts. The ugliest person ever can be wonderful, happy and at ease when there is love of self. You will not be totally happy until you become at peace and accept yourself as you are. You should work on the inner you because this is what is important. It is how you are towards yourself that counts.

People can be in the company of someone who is perfect to look at and yet not stay in the company long because of the negative attitude or unfriendliness of the beautiful person. They can be in the company of someone who is not good to look at, but who is happy and loves himself, and more importantly offers friendship and caring to those around him, and they will enjoy the company of this person and care about him, and look up to him because of how he copes with life.

I know who I would prefer to have as a friend. I would choose you, but not with the attitude you have toward yourself at the moment. When you realise how important you are, how lucky you are to have limbs that work, a voice to speak with, eyes that see the beauty all around, when you love you for how you are, then I would like you as a friend, and I would be proud to know you.

Life is about choices, and you make those choices on your own. When you choose to stop the negativity that you throw at yourself daily and start to count your blessings, and don't tell me you are ugly and so have none, your life will improve. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what is not beautiful to you may be beautiful to others, particularly when it comes with someone who is at peace within.

Change the mindset you have of yourself, concentrate on loving who you are, and when you love yourself you will find that people will love you also and will want to be a part of your life.

The choice is yours.

Good luck.


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