Troubled Mom

My mom is suffering from low self esteem and self confidence due to my dad's behavior.

Dad doesn't want to work anymore and wants to do social service. However he has incurred a huge debt already due to business losses and has yet to repay it back.

Mom is very concerned that he may not be able to pay back if he doesn't have any incoming sources of income and might incur additional debt by helping other un-deserving people.

When she raised the same concern with dad, he doesn't want to listen to her and has insulted her on several occasions in front of near and dear ones.

He has called all our relatives and friends and spoken ill of my mother. He also asked my mom's brothers, father to take my mom away from him. He told my mom to leave him, only because she might be a show stopper.

My mom is feeling so depressed and lost. She sacrificed her personal interests and did so much for my dad, but in the end when it was time for him to take good care of her; she is asked to leave.

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troubled mom
by: Anonymous

I'm almost having the same kind of problem..My husband lost his job 3 years ago and went into deep depression and changed into a monster i didn't know didn't want to work and spent money on foolish things, ruined his credit, chased around with girls yes, he likes young girls, he's 59 years old....I only stayed here because we had just built a new house and I wanted to enjoy it.

He's still acting like a crazy mixed up crazy. I just ignore him, I've tried to throw him out, but he won't leave.... I also wasted all my good years being a good wife and treating him good, and this is what I get... I am going to leave him soon, and he can have whatever life he wants, just don't give me more misery.... there's a lot more that he did to me... he will get his bad karma back.. he destroyed a good nice family.... I do lots of praying.......

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