Too worried to do a backflip

by Matthew

On the trampoline I really want to do a back flip. I used to but the next day I was too scared. I want to do side flips and diagonal flips which I also used to be able to do but something told me not to after that. Please help me!

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Worried to do any flips
by: Klm

I am the same way I used to could do all of these flips But now I can because I'm to scared too every time I try

by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. The mind is very powerful isn't it? You have told yourself not to do these moves on the trampoline, moves that you have done before and enjoyed doing. Now you have listened to a fearful thought and it has grown out of proportion so that now you have this inbuilt fear that stops you from doing these flips.

Fear is literally a thought. Fear exists nowhere but in your mind. You cannot touch it or see it and yet it is real because you make it so by listening and acting on the thought. Can you change that thought? When you stop allowing this to take root inside your mind it will not exist and you will be able to do your flips.

Believe it or not you have chosen to accept this thought. No one but you can choose the thoughts you have. When you make them negative - as you have learned - you get negative results. When you make them positive, you will get positive results.

You are the only one who can help yourself. How? By refusing to accept the negative information you are feeding your mind and starting with some positive stuff about how much you enjoy all the various flips you can do. How good you are at doing them, and how clever you are!

Being positive relates to everything you do in life, not just what you do on the trampoline. Never let fear stop you from achieving your dreams. Choose to have those positive thoughts that will build your confidence and make you invincible!

Anything you want to do you can do, you simply have to say "I can do this" and you will. Maybe not the first time, but when you stay positive you will get up and try again, over and over until you get it right. It's not how many times you fall down that counts, its how many times you get back up.

Good luck.


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