The truth behind gossiping

by M.Farouk Radwan

The person who is laughing out loud, capturing the attention of everyone in the room while gossiping about someone who is not present is not as happy as he seems.

From the outside he seems strong, popular, interesting and in control but if you peaked inside his mind at the time he was gossiping you would have found things that you would never want to find in yourself.

You would have found low self esteem, jealousy, frustration, anger and weakness. Does this sound serious? Then read this article to know the truth about gossiping.

I couldn't do it there so I will do it here

Sam received a bad treatment from a guy he barely knows but he couldn't reply back or do something about it right away. Sam went home frustrated, angry and eager to revenge.

Since Sam didn't have the courage to settle this face to face with that person he decided to go out with his friends to change his mood and when he arrived there he started gossiping about him!!

Do you know why Sam was gossiping? Because he couldn't take revenge directly and so he
was trying to take it indirectly. Yes Sam was feeling weak and frustrated and this was the main reason behind his gossip.

I am worthy, believe me!!

People who judge others, who try to put them down or who gossip sometimes have the goal of making themselves appear more worthy. What does a phrase like: "Did you see that guy, he can't even do anything right" mean?

It means, "Did you see that guy? He is not even compared to me, I can do everything right while he can't, I am worthy!!"

Sadly when people feel less worthy than others or even worse when they feel inferior they start gossiping about others in order to feel good about themselves. After all if everyone become incompetent then surely they will become better than them all!!

I am jealous

Sometimes the main reason behind gossiping is jealousy. When someone feels jealous of someone else he might gossip about him in order to let people hate him.

Sadly jealousy stems from lack of self confidence and gossiping about someone because you are jealous of him only means that you need to fix your self confidence.

Accept me, please, I beg you

Sometimes lovers buy gifts for each other in order to strengthen their love and this is a very good thing to do but can you give a big gift to a complete stranger in order for him to accept you?

Yeah, people who feel worthless can do such a thing. By sacrificing some of their core principals and by gossiping about someone in front of someone they just met they hope to get one thing from that new friend, acceptance.

Going down on your knees and telling that person "Accept me, I beg you" is the same as scarifying your principles just to get a sign of acceptance as tiny as a smile.

No, its not related to boredom.

Some people might try to defend gossiping by saying that it's the result of boredom but this is incorrect. The truth is that boredom will lead to gossiping if the person is weak, frustrated, feeling inferior, lacking confidence or jealous.

However if the person was free of psychological weaknesses he won't gossip even if he was bored simply because gossiping won't be an option.

If you still gossip then it's time to stop, be strong.

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