The tale of Willy Wag Tail

by Paul Smetana
(Wollongong - Australia)

Sat in the car the other day running feel good sensations, it’s something I love doing. Makes me feel that the world is alright, and that I’m very fond of our little planet and everything in it. Compassion flows like Niagara falls.
So anyway, while I’m doing this, in a secluded spot where little birds like to muck about in, I start to notice that the little birds instead of seeing me and fleeing, which is normal for them, they do the opposite.
They start to hop and fly and land right near me, and even if I move about, they don’t take off like birds are supposed to do.
Then other birds, different ones, start buzzing in, and pretty soon there’s a menagerie. Little Willie’s, doves, some small brown ones, all twittering away, and all taking a look at me.
Well by now if I wasn’t happy before, now I feel elated, joyous with all my little birdy friends by my side. But now I have to get back to work.
So I start the car, the engine roars to life and damn it if the birds, DON’T go. They just sit there. Well slowly, I drive off, taking care not to run anything over. You could have knocked me over with a feather.
Later, I visit with a client, whose dog goes happy nuts when I turn up. This dog usually does, but this time it just won’t quit. The owner then makes a long comment that no one else ever gets this kind of reception.
Let me say that I visit almost daily, and she’s right, I never got such a dog hello before. All through these experiences, I was aware of having been running my feel good’s earlier. A really special part of the day. If I could run these feel goodies most of the day, would life be this good, all the time? Gonna give it a shot!
Happy reading,
About the Author: Paul Smetana writes about the Simple Secrets of Being Touched by Life, How you can finally take control of your destiny, and the simple reason most people fail.
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