the past 5 years

by cherrrrr

My husband of 27 years got brain cancer

2 years and 2.5 million dollars later he died anyway. Three months later I broke my leg so badly I didn't even attempt to walk for 9 months and though I had GIVEN my brother in law 800 k worth of tractors and the attachments to them, he wouldn't even bother to come plow my driveway for the 3 days a week I had to go to physical therapy at 100 bucks a pop for a year and a half and did NO good what so ever ... still crippled!!!! THEN!!!!!
the last 280 thousand dollars I had to my name I gave to my late husbands best friend who promised my husband 3 days before he died that he would take care of me and the kids! Well that puke just took it all lied to me and didn't take care of the businesses my money built while I was flat on my back crippled.

Now I can't work and the only thing I have left is my home and I am going to have to sell it to pay for a broken lease that so called friend stuck me with ... he even MOVED his parents out of state so no one can find the POS! so from 27 years with a man who was never home because he had to make the all mighty dollar! now he's gone the moneys gone and I'll be homeless and crippled! pisses me off!

I never cared about the money I just wanted a home and love and the home could have been a dirt floor! just as long as my husband would have had some energy to be awake while he was home, so we could have some sort of relationship! sick of it all quality of life SUCKS !!!!

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by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Life has certainly been cruel to you over the past five years and I am truly sorry for the things that have happened to you.

I'm not sure there is anything I can say, other than to take one day at a time, enjoy to the best of your ability what you do have. There are people worse off than you, not that this will bring you comfort, but if you can think about the blessings you do have and be thankful for them and not dwell on the past, maybe you will be able to move forward into a brighter future.

Dwelling on the past brings bitterness and each time you think about what has happened to you it adds to your anger. Make plans for a better future, even though at this point in time you can't see any joy for yourself, with the right attitude you can work your way through these sad times.

Good luck for the future.


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