The Future IS ours to see!

by Paul Smetana
(Wollongong, Australia)

If you belong to the Modern Family, The Future IS ours to see! Which is Odd.

Remember the Que Sera Sera song? Well the song says with quiet, subtle Authority, that the future is NOT ours to see. The Little boy in the song asks his mother, “When I grow up and fall in Love, what will Life Be? Will there be rainbows day after day? This is what my mother said to me,… Que Sera Sera, what ever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see, Que Sera Sera.”

But, don’t you see, it’s all wrong, wrong, wrong. You not only can see the future, you’re doing it all the time. In fact, you can’t not see the future.

I’m willing to bet that you don’t believe me. Like I used to be, you are 100% sure that the future hasn’t happened yet. And so with the greatest respect, and the simplest wisdom,.. it can’t be predicted. Does this put it In a Nut Shell?

Well, if the future hasn’t happened yet, then of course ” Que Sera Sera” is right. No argument there. BUTTTT, ……… How certain can we be about what the future actually is?

Is it really true that the future hasn’t happened yet? And frankly, how does something that doesn’t exist, come into existence. Or to put it another way, how do you make something out of nothing?

Well, you can’t. Einstein said that. You can only make something out of something else. So there! A future that depends on stuff not existing yet, cannot be. So the future MUST operate in another way.

I heard a great idea about another way in which the future works, and it fits into the modern day version of what this present moment of time really is.

Now is the only time there is. Heard that? Philosophers say it, Buddhists say it, and many, many religions have been saying it, Saints both East and west have been saying it, till they got a sore throat, and had to sit down and have a tiny rest. And then of course we have the challenge of what actually forever is anyway.

And so, back to the main idea for which I got out of bed and wrote this while still in my P.J’s. Pretty impressive eh? … which is this ….. ready?

Ok. Take if you will, a computer game. The kind where at any time, you have to make choices. Turn left, right, speed up, kill the troll, go to the next level etc.

Actually I’ve never played these games, they drive me crazy and I get upset in practically no time at all. But I digress.
These games are written by computer nerd games programmers, whose job it is, is to write into the game every possible choice that the game’s scenario player, might have.

And there may be millions of these possibilities written into the game CD disk. With me so far?
What this actually means is that when the game players sit down to play their little games, a small derisive comment from me against kids who DON’T go outside to play, These unhealthy never seen the sun kids are only choosing the outcomes of their game based on possibilities already coded in there.

And Finally getting back to my Thesis, … Like that? I could have said “idea” but no, I had to go and grandstand. Typical! Oh all right, lets get back to my IDEA, … life is not created, but is a series of choices ALREADY IN EXISTENCE. Sometimes I like using lots of capitals too. Perhaps you noticed.

The FUTURE you see, is ours to see, because it already there. AND, here’s the good bit. As the games programmers write in every conceivable, possible choice of move a gamer can do, so our future is very much the same. We have multiple futures at our disposal, with multiple choices and variables, all there, waiting for us to pick from the great menu of life. Got to Love that!

We choose every time we judge what the outcome of anything will be. Get up and about to go to work, and Again I bet you that you have already thought about what kind of day you expect to have. Am I right or what, Give me five! Shoots hand in air.

Our every knee jerk expectation, is picking out one of the very many “already available possible futures, out there. Our tiny little minds, aren’t so tiny after all. Pretty bloody amazing in fact.

By the power of our mind’s amazing ability to sort through possible futures and outcomes of a thing, the present moment of now, comes to be. This is a quietly wonderful moment. Can you feel it?

It means that to have the life you have always dreamed of, but stopped dreaming of as you grew up, is only a matter of natural selection. Darwin coined this phrase, but maybe not in this context.

We select by the automatic process of stuff that comes into our heads and then own it, by our judgement of that. To be more precise, .. It pops up in my head that today it will most likely rain, and instantly, for that’s how long a judgement takes, I react that “oh god, not rain today. My shoes will get wet and I’ll be cold and miserable all day.” Ghastly.

And doesn’t that just set up the day exactly that way! Double exclamation marks for that!! But now here’s the really neat thing. Think again. Ask of your mind for some other outcomes already written into the ether, and hold back the judgements for a bit.

Your mind will provide you with a menu of already available scenarios for you to pick from. You then click on it like in a computer game, but we don’t have a mouse to click with, we click by simply judging it well, and allowing any good feelings that flow on. Are you with me?

This then is the summary. Take notes! Ask of your mind for another peek at the menu of all possible future outcomes, Pick the one you’d rather have, and click on that choice by letting yourself feel the good feelings of that scenario.

Simple, no? Oh, and by the way, … “The Future IS ours to see!
About the Author: Paul Smetana writes about the Embarrassingly Simple Secrets of Being Touched by Life, How you can finally take control of your destiny, and the simple reason most people fail.
In Aged Care for 30 years, he has discovered How our most successful Elders became so Vibrant and Vigorous, brimming with Well-Being! And how easily you can too, without waiting any longer.
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The future is ours to see
by: Anonymous

True true, you can make your own future it takes courage to rise above any negative situations in your life. It takes courage to discard the negative attitudes of family and teachers but everyone has to be able to move on from a difficult family situation.

When you are born into a family, you do not necessarily fit into that family, it is like a few people marooned on a desert island. It is friends outside a family who may in the end mean more to you.

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